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Written by Nicole Belle




What is PRP anyway?

Sometimes you see an attractive woman and just something about her tells you she has more years under her belt than her skin and radiance reveal.  It is something you just know, if you are a woman that is, with a few years under her belt yourself. These days, you can pretty well bet that her secret is that …  she is a PRP client.

When you have benefited from PRP yourself, you will understand how you can tell when other women are PRP clients as well. Their skin actually has that radiance that so many expensive skin creams promise, but can’t really deliver. That youthful plumpness is there, their main character lines of life may still be just visible, creating that aura of sophisticated maturity, but are not the ravines and crevices we all fear and resent with the advancing years. In fact, they have none, or little, of that fine line crepeiness that is such a tell-tale sign of the years passing.

PRP Demystified

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. It’s not a product you buy in a bottle. It is the holy grail of a more youthful visage that your body produces itself, which can be captured and, thankfully, reintroduced to your skin to renew its life and vigour.

After my first PRP treatment, many years ago now, I quickly noted a positive change in my skin. You may be familiar with what happens after a certain age, when you lay on a pillow crease for a few hours, or enjoy a wonderful long massage with your face in a toweling covered face-hole? You arise with a long crease on your cheek exactly where the pillow fabric had left its mark, or get up from your blissful massage looking as though you have a strange indented facial condition where every little towel fibre has left its mark. I hated it! Those marks took so many hours to go away.

After just one PRP treatment those marks simply did not happen, they have never come back, and my PRP treatments in my busy life are definitely not as regular as they should be! Needless to say, I am a powerful advocate for PRP.


anti-ageing with marine collagen

Is it new?

Way back in the 1970’s surgeons began using Platelet Rich Plasma treatment for wound healing. The results were so promising that research continued and by the 90’s the Growth Factors in PRP became the Holy Grail for healing wounds.

By the early 2000’s the regenerative qualities of Platelet Rich Plasma treatments were well documented and they began to be tested in appearance medicine, with profoundly successful results. Less pillow crease lines, and an improvement in the skin’s visible signs of ageing in all aspects. PRP was a winner and today we all can benefit.

Nicole Belle of Age Amazingly is a specialist in PRP treatments, with many years of helping women to turn back the hands of time under her belt. She was one of the first cosmetic aesthetic practitioners to recognise the appearance medicine benefits of PRP in Australia. After trialing it thoroughly for her own beauty benefits, she was convinced, and began to share the Holy Grail of youthful skin with her clients, including her specialty clients who had suffered major facial trauma and needed her more intense repair skills.

So, how does it work?

In skilled hands such as Nicole Belle’s, PRP can achieve profound turnback the signs of ageing results quickly. As Nicole once said to me, “if you are still coming to see me years down the track, you will look more youthful then, than you do today”. Nicole tells the truth, she understands women’s skin and the ageing process, if you follow her advice and Age Amazingly protocols, that truth will be your own.

In a clinic setting your own PRP is extracted, in a similar manner as you would have a blood test for pathology. Your plasma is processed in clinic, without any outside ingredients being added and made ready to reintroduce into your skin, with all your own Growth Factors, immunity benefits and bio stimulators intact and enhanced. For centuries, the principals for stimulating major healing in tissues and skin have been known and slowly advanced. PRP is a treatment that has come of age for women of today, and the youthful ageing results are fabulous.

When you follow Nicole’s advice and do what she recommends for best results, you can experience them for yourself. Ingest her recommended liquid collagen, eat enough protein and nutrients to support skin and cellular regeneration, drink pure water, reduce bad ageing habits and have 2-3 initial PRP treatments – followed up around six-monthly according to Nicole’s recommendation and voila, you too can be one of those women that other women can tell are looking exceptionally good for their age. In fact, how old are they?

Want to lose the visible signs of 10 years of ageing, 20 years? Have a word with Nicole. Your mirror will love you for it!


By Kirien Withers

Advanced beauty industry solutions commentator and spa development consultant

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