How do you feel about your nose?

How do you feel about your nose

Written by Nicole Belle




Not many of us can say we love our noses. Some definitely hate them, but most of us just wish ours was a little bit better.

Noses are the centre-point of our face, so when we look in the mirror we are very conscious of how they look and we know other people’s attention is drawn to them as well when they look at us. Noses are a little hard to ignore, aren’t they!

A well-balanced, even and smooth edged nose really does enhance our facial harmony and we are intuitively aware, when our nose is not “quite right”, how much better we would look if it was.

No surgery required

The good news is, these days most of us don’t have to have expensive surgical procedures to achieve a more beautiful nose that enhances our facial harmony. Nicole Belle, of Age Amazingly, explains, “for many years now, surgeons have been sending their rhinoplasty, or ‘nose-job’, patients to advanced non-surgical specialists such as myself, to complete their work and make their clients noses as beautiful as they can be. We very quickly learnt that many noses could be balanced and beautified with our non-surgical procedures alone. Very often clients don’t need surgery at all as our non-surgical techniques are so effective.”

What is non-surgical rhinoplasty?

The magical non-surgical nose repair kit simply uses the same non-surgical techniques that Nicole would use to correct and enhance, for instance, a client’s lips. In her expert hands, as one of Australia’s leading cosmetic injectors, most of the others are doctors, and with her specialist’s eye for aesthetic precision, she is able to shape and contour your nose to your preferred perfection.

Is it permanent?

We asked Nicole, she says, “the wonderful thing about the non-surgical techniques are that, for your first treatment you can ‘test the waters’. After a short treatment you will instantly see a difference, the exact shape will settle over a few days and then you can decide if you like your new nose, or if you would still like it a little different. Once we have the shape exactly right for you, we use a longer-lasting injectable and you will have the new nose you want – affordably and much less painfully than surgery”. Nicole also explained that most noses can be enhanced to correct lumps and bumps, straighten, even-up unbalanced sides, adjust nostril shapes, slenderise and increase the contours. “Unfortunately,” she added, “the only correction we just can’t do is reduce the size of a nose – sorry guys and girls!”

 Voila! More self-confidence

It is so interesting how something as simple as a more perfect nose, can improve our self-confidence in so many ways. As we know how we feel about ourselves and our self-confidence is all based on own self-perception, but because our noses are literally in the centre of our face they actually do affect the way our hair looks or our make-up sits because of their impact on our facial harmony.

When a face is balanced, our look and attractiveness simply ‘fall into place’ because it is in harmony. Our smile looks more even, our eyes are magnified, even our eyebrows will seem to be a more perfect frame. All through non-surgical treatments that you can have in your lunch-hour with no down-time. Now that’s magic!

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