Where ageing is a choice.

In today’s society, we would all like to present our bodies looking as fabulous and healthy as possible. And preferably without having to spend every day at the gym, or having to starve ourselves to get results. At Age Amazingly we believe in treating the body internally first with excellent nutrition and then working on the outside with one of our skilled practitioners to achieve great and realistic results.

If you are lacking in nutrition, need a cleansing regime that works, need to dissolve fat or tighten skin, we offer a wide range of non-surgical body services to give you the best and latest that science has to offer to assist you in achieving your age appropriate body.

How Precious Is Your Face?

Age Amazingly can help you achieve your ultimate Designer Face. See our online  Face Map, now to see the areas that you can treat.

1. Forehead Lines

2. Frown

3. Brow Lift

4. Temples

5. Orbital Rims – under eyes

6. Nose

7. Extended Crows Feet

8. Nasolabial Folds

9. Corner of the Mouth Creases

10. Masseters – Jaw Line

11. Mentalis – Chin


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