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Most of us are slaves to our cellulite.

We cover it, hide it, lie about it, loathe it and try to deny its existence – but, it’s time to fight that battle and take our bodies back!




Is there any kind of health risk attached to cellulite or is it purely a cosmetic concern?


By definition cellulite is a disease, but it is treated as a cosmetic medical condition. Characterised by dimpling of the skin on the hips thighs and buttocks, sometimes the arms. While no-one has died of  “Cellulite” it takes an emotional and psychological toll. Cellulite can create lower self esteem, fear of ridicule and embarrassment as well as affect romantic relationships and libido.
With lowered self confidence comes an avoidance or decreased enjoyment of certain activities and stress from continual efforts to hide or cover up cellulite. Ironically many celebrities and other “role models” have cellulite. They simply have access to special makeup, skilled photographers, photo editors and lighting designers.


The most effective treatment has been found to be a multi-faceted approach. The causes are so varied, that actually ridding ourselves completely of it is difficult, however improving it with the latest in science is definitely achievable. Cellulite is basically a modernized term for collections of fat that push against the connective tissues that are located just under the skin, resulting in dimpling or ‘orange peel’ appearance of the skin. Cellulite is more common in women as compared to men, especially in the women above 35 years.


However, nowadays, it is also becoming common in adolescent girls and young women. This condition affects 80 – 90% of women and, with the passing of time, progressively worsens and can give rise not only to physical problems, but also to psychological ones as well.


Since more than 80 – 90% of women are affected by cellulite, this condition doesn’t make you ‘different’ – But doing something about it does! 


Many scientists believe that as well as obesity, Cellulite is mostly predetermined by the genes that people inherit. However, environmental as well as behavioral factors are also believed to have some effects on the development of cellulite.


These factors can include:


Being overweight

Lack of exercise

High fat and sugar consumption

Highly processed foods

Poor blood circulation

Poor lymph drainage

Yo-yo dieting



Prolonged exposure to the sun


Sad to say cellulite afflicts women more than men … how unfair! This is due to women having three fat layers in buttocks, abdomen and knees while men have one layer throughout the body. Women have thinner skin and men have thicker skin. Women have weaker connective tissue as they have no cross linking, men have stronger cross linked connective tissue. The most unfair is women’s ratio of beta receptors (which break down fat) being 1, against alpha receptors that STORE FAT being 7– this means that from the waist down women are doing 7 times more storing of fat than breaking fat down!!


Men have a storage to breakdown ratio of 1 to 1.

To make it worse Estrogen stimulates fat storage and Testosterone breaks it down.

Lastly female fat cells are larger than men’s.



The solution is a multi– faceted approach employing various modalities including:


Exercise – to stimulate the metabolism, increase circulation and tone the body.


Proper nutrition – fuel your body with fresh healthy foods, you know you feel better when you do! Nutrient supplements may also be appropriate.


Adequate water intake – you need 33mls per kilo of body weight per day for correct hydration and for flushing toxins (unless otherwise specified by your Doctor or have kidney or heart conditions).Daily Dry Body Brushing will exfoliate the top layer of skin and allow toxins to be released whilst boosting circulation.


Rolling with some type of Foam Roller or Roller Brush to stimulate skin, improve micro circulation.


Platelet Rich Plasma – Can improve the tone and texture of the skin using your own nutrient rich plasma. Platelet Rich Plasma is 100% your own cells (autologous)  and therefore there is no risk of allergy, or rejection.


Try a detox to see how much smoother and more velvety your skin will become. Our Cleanse for life Detox supplement either Daily or Weekly, can be used as a support while your body works to shift toxins, improve your metabolism and kickstart your energy levels.



So why does detoxing help cellulite? Cellulite is caused by an accumulation of toxins and waste in the body, coupled with fluid retention. Cutting the processed foods and getting the body (and lymph) moving gives great waste-eliminating results. Of course I’d say that this could be a lifestyle (90% of the time), rather than a detox regime.


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  1. Hilde

    Fantastic article. Great tips and great to know women struggle more than men with the dimples!

    • Nicki Belle

      Thank you, I’m so glad you enjoyed it.


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