Most Frequesntly asked Questions… No. 5 – How do I make my Cheeks look fuller and rounder?


Written by Nicki Belle






As we age, we lose subcutaneous fat from around the eyes and mouth. Subcutaneous means fat that’s just beneath the surface of the skin. Because our bone structure doesn’t change, this can result in sunken cheeks.


If you feel like you’ve begun to take on a hollow appearance, it might be because you’re losing this layer of fat below your skin.


It’s job is to support and cushion the skin, giving us our plump, youthful contours, however, as we mature, we lose volume in this layer. We’re told from a very young age that slender is attractive. But that’s changing, because as we age, those who are excessively slender are finding it more difficult to keep volume in the face; the less volume there is, the more likely you are to look aged, tired, or, older than you feel.

But there are certainly options out there for people who have thinner cheeks and who want to get themselves some more volume.


As you age, fuller cheeks are a great way to mark yourself as youthful and energetic.



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