Ageing is a choice

At Age Amazingly we believe in the ‘Male tweak’ to enhance and recreate a more youthful and masculine look. Most men don’t want to look noticeably different and are much more discrete about their ‘Male tweaks’. There’s no longer a specific ‘type’ of man who seeks to turn back the clock.

There definitely used to be a stereotypical male who would book for treatments but now, our male patients are from all walks of life, of all ages and different professional backgrounds who are just more interested in looking after themselves. Men are no longer judged by society for caring for their face and bodies by using all the tools available in the ‘Anti-ageing toolbox’. It is actually becoming commonplace for men to excel in their levels of grooming and care.

We know the aging process affects us all, both male and female, and how we present to the world physically affects our self-esteem and confidence.  The male aesthetic goals are very different to the female’s desire for symmetry and curves. The male face is based on strength, straight lines and characteristics that are acquired with age and are well –received by societies. Some of the signs of ageing for the male show elements of maturity, accomplishment and a certain level of refinement that often fit well with a male’s persona and profession.

The perfect masculine balance for the male skull is three reflection lines of strength…the male brow, lateral cheekbone projection and the male jawline, all three in balance create masculinity. At Age Amazingly we believe in retaining that look of masculinity and veer away from the most recent and unfortunate appearance of ‘Shane Warne’.  Our male patients come to Age Amazingly to look more handsome, it is up to us as ‘Face Designers’ to treat  the areas and features that are going to create a Handsome Hottie.

How Precious Is Your Face!

Age Amazingly can help you achieve your ultimate Designer Male Face. See our online interactive Male Face Map, now to see the areas that you can treat.

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You've all heard the whispers? What's the big deal? Want to know what everyone is raving about? At Age Amazingly we have the secret and we want to share it with you… It's all about you!