What does it mean to Age?

Written by Nicki Belle




What does it mean to Age?

Does how you view ageing affect the way you see yourself?



Ageing is perceived so differently to so many people, this perception can be influenced by anything from demographics, ethnicity, culture and even profession.


With the advances in Medicine and Anti-Ageing Treatments, both inside and out, it can almost seem as though we can preserve our outward appearance and diminish the signs of ageing.


In my 20+ years as an Anti-Ageing specialist I am still almost daily moved by the real anguish people feel in regard to their own ageing journey. How we see ourselves, our confidence and our identity can be influenced by how old we feel.



I invite you to join me on a brief journey into Ageing and how it influences so much of our lives.




As we interact with people, we unconsciously unpack a myriad of factors to determine their age. These factors can influence our own Age Amazingly Journey.  Let us look at a few examples of this.



And a sense of Style can tell people so much, it can give a very clear insight into who you are and how you see yourself.

It can either truly show what generation you were born into and are influenced by or with creative and individual flair we can present an ageless canvas that gives no clues and leaves people wondering… “I wonder what age she is?”



Our skin can tell the world the story of our Life.

Your born age may be 60+, however your outward appearance could have people estimating you are years older.


By spending a great deal of your youth baking in the sun, chasing that perfect tan and giving no thought about the very real ageing consequences, you could of accelerated your ageing clock years into the future. Unfortunately the damage to your skin will show in premature wrinkles, age spots, thickened / uneven texture and discolouration. How do we change this?

For those people who are already living with the effects of sun damage there are so many incredible treatments available to restore your elasticity, lost volume and youthful glow.

Some of the best of these treatments can include, Laser, Skin Peels, Platelet Rich Plasma, a high quality, bio-available, ingestible Liquid Marine Collagen supplement and let’s not forget Bio-Stimulants.


I am thankful for my mother who was constantly telling me to say out of the sun! If I could give people one thing to take away it would be this,

“Sun Damage is responsible for almost all the signs of ageing in the skin”.

Wear Sunscreen and Slip, Slop, Slap.


If you treat your skin like a precious, delicate flower and protect and care for it people will never see behind your youthful glow to be able to determine your true age.

Your skin is the first thing people notice about you and it is the No. 1 thing they will look at to determine your age.

You decide what they see just like you decide how you age!



“Ageing Amazingly Attitude”

This can be as simple as waking up each day and just living life to your fullest.  A life lived with possibilities and positivity can be perceived as ‘sexy’ and uplifting to others.

“Deciding what attitude you are going to have each day is the same as deciding what you are going to wear! It is a conscious choice!”

Deciding to be confident in yourself and comfortable around many different people from all differing ages and backgrounds can change how you make decisions. It can give you the freedom to live your life without the censure of ‘I’m too old to be doing that!’.

You need to be your biggest cheer squad, little reminders each day… ‘I’ve got this!!’


The short answer to the question,

“Does how you judge ageing effect the way you see yourself?”, is of course ‘YES’.

The good news is that we now can CHOOSE how we age, if that means turning back the clock and restoring your youthful appearance or even maintaining it then do that!

If ‘Ageing Amazingly’ to you means embracing all the effects of ageing and being joyful with it, do that!

That is the true secret to ‘Ageing Amazingly’, you get to decide. Your journey is all yours to make.


Nicki ❤


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