Ageing is a choice

Slow Facelift

Age doesn't have to look the way it used to. It's more subtle. More gradual. Shouldn't your anti-age be just as subtle? Not an overnight miracle, not a quick-fix but a longer lasting filler of choice. The first facial injectable that gives you subtle results over time. Replacing lost collagen to give you a more natural-looking appearance, without giving you away. A full treatment of three injection sessions over a few months, can last up to two years. So you have more time to see how sensational subtle can be. Welcome to the new age of anti-age.

It is a new type of facial injectable, which helps to replace lost collagen. It helps correct shallow to deep facial wrinkles, and folds, that appear with aging by replacing lost collagen. The main ingredient is a biocompatible, biodegradable synthetic material that has been used by physicians for decades.