Ageing is a choice

SkinCoach – HydroVolume

SkinCoach – HydroVolume is a unique non-injectable hydrating treatment that lasts. Our patient base is loving it and the results are instant. It’s true anti-ageing without injections. 

The SkinCoach – HydroVolume is a Non injectable Hyaluron anti-ageing programme is the culmination of Research, Development and testing in consultation with German based Dr Hasert, a member of the International Association for Esthetic Medicine and Hungarian cosmetic surgeon and anti-ageing specialist, Krisztina Kecskemeti.

To date Hyaluron has only been injected into the skin as a dermal fillers as the normal molecule size was too large (long-chain) and couldn’t pass through the skin in any other way. Scientists have found a way to take the large molecule apart and break it into smaller components.

The SkinCoach Hyaluron Filler Gel is made up of a combination of natural ingredients including Aloe Vera that help transport it through the skin without injections. Small particle Hyaluron can be washed away by the lymph system but with the SkinCoach patented method the molecules are converted back into long-chain and create a Lego-like structure. It can therefore last much longer in the skin than traditional facials. Results can last 6-8 weeks.

When you’re young your mimic lines don’t show, but as the face loses its volume they start to appear. By hydrating and providing cushioning below the skin the wrinkles are less likely to appear at such a rapid rate and fine lines almost disappear. A true anti ageing solution.