My Transformation Diary at 64

Written by Nicki Belle




Hi Everyone,

I’m just sitting in my car just getting my breath back because I’ve just finished my third training session with Cam ???? from Get Active.

Here I am at 64, and I’m so busy working in the clinic making people more beautiful, along with the new launch of our amazing skincare range that I’m left with little time for me.

But do you know what? I actually need to care for my own body and so I’ve started with Cam. It’s real and raw because this body hasn’t exericsed for a quite a while. At 64 I’m feeling great but determined to feel the best I possibly can.

I’m so excited to have fabulous people supporting me. Hilde & Cam from Get Active, you are amazing!

Watch this body guys, it’s happening! Transformation underway, you’re NEVER too old to FEEL AMAZING.

Next, I’ll be sharing my BEFORE PICTURES ???? and the rest of my team. Keep an eye on my blog…..

❤ Nicki

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