Let’s review the Cats Eye Eyeliner Stamp!

Let’s review a Cat’s Eye Eyeliner Stamp

Written by Nicki Belle






Creating a flawless winged eyeliner look can be frustrating and leave you thinking that you have to be a makeup artist to be able to pull it off . Regardless of whether you’re using liquid eyeliner, gel eyeliner, or eyeliner pencil, it can take hours of video tutorials and painstaking practice to achieve that perfect cat-eye.

Even then, a shaky hand and smudging still happen, it can leave us with disappointment and uneven eye makeup. Until now. Enter: the Eyeliner Stamp. Eyeliner stamps–a felt-tip eyeliner pen with a smudge-proof wing stamp on the end, take away half the time and precision required to create that gorgeous flick.

So miracle, time saver or just another tool that fails to deliver?…

Join me as I test it ❤





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