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Hi, I'm Nicki Belle


I’m in my 60’s and wanted to share with you my tips and tools for staying healthy and creating a healthy lifestyle at all ages. 

3 Steps to a healthy lifestlye in your 50’s & 60’s& 70’s

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Fitness over 60 Nicki Belle Training


Staying fit as you age is one of the best things you can do for yourself. As you age fitness should be more about increases your mobility, balance, reducing stress and increasing your metabolism. 

Variety of foods to eat over 60


Eating well is more essential than ever as we age. Including a good mix of protein, healthy fats, fruts, vegetables and non processed carbohydrates is a great start. 

Anti ageing collagen supplement


It’s not always possible to get all the vitamins and minerals we need through our nutrition and that’s where supplements come in. Below you’ll find some supplements especially beneficial for anyone over 50!

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Healthy Lifestyle Program

Our program is all about meeting the fitness, nutrition and supplement needs of women in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

As you age staying fit and eating well is more important than ever, although your bodies requirements are quite different to what you needed in your 20’s and 30’s. Gone are the days of high intensity exercise and fad diets. The focus as you age should be on including exercise that keeps your heart, muscles and joints healthy, enables you to move pain free and gives you energy. Your diet should consist of a wide range of nutrient dense foods and ideally lots that are high in collagen. Below you will find a variety of tips to get you started, you can also jump into our Back to Bascis Online Bootcamp with Bec Kurtz if you’re wanting more support and accountability. 

Nicki Belle Weight Training at 64

Fitness Tips:

  • Include some resistance exercise, it not only increases your metabolism but strengthens your bones, helping to prevent osteoporosis. 
  • Include exercises specifically for where you are at in your fitness journey. 
  • Focus on all round fitness. Include a good mix of cardio, resistance, flexibility and mobility exercises. 
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Nutrition Tips:

  • Aim to get in enough protein each day as this will help with your collagen production which is VITAL as you age.
  • Include a good mix of foods, the more variety and colour the more nutrients you will be including.
  • Check out our blog on Collagen rich foods. 
Anti Ageing Collagen bone broth

Supplement Tips:

  • Collagen is one of my essential supplements for everyone over 40! You can find it in our Collagen Elixir and bone broth. 
  • If you struggle to eat enough protein including 1-2 protein shakes a day is an easy option. 
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Shop Anti- Ageing Supplements

Collagen Elixir

Marine Collagen Elixir


Enhance your natural beauty and illuminate from the inside out with a daily effective dose of Scandinavian marine-sourced collagen peptides. Isagenix Collagen Elixir can give you a boost of collagen which naturally declines as we age and helps nourish your skin from within to keep you radiantly beautiful.

  • 5 g synchronised marine collagen per serve
  • Double Nutri Technology to assist with nutrient absorption
  • Vitamin C, Biotin and Zinc
  • 5 g fish protein
  • Superfood ingredients like goji, aloe vera, acerola berry, chamomile and more
  • Preservative Free
  • Zero Oxidation that only glass bottles can provide

Beauty Bundle – Increase your Collagen Intake!

Collagen Elixir and Collagen Bone Broth

Care for your natural collagen with this all-in-one collagen pack. Three boxes of Collagen Elixir to nourish your skin with freshly and sustainably sourced marine collagen from the Scandinavian Sea and a choice of Vegetable or Chicken & Herb flavoured Collagen Bone Broth to support your skin, hair, nail and joint health.

What’s included:

  • Marine Collagen Elixir – 5 g synchronised marine collagen per serve
  • Collagen Bone Broth – 6.5g of collagen peptides, 8 grams of protein.

Serenity Bundle – Restore balance to your mind and body!

adaptogen Elixir

Share the serenity with Adaptogen Elixir bundles. Restore balance to your mind and body with a sophisticated blend of adaptogens, botanicals and a sparkling kombucha black tea blend with just a hint of rose for an elevated taste experience. Help your body adapt to daily stressors with a 40-day supply of Adaptogen Elixir or share the serenity with friends with the 60-day supply.

  • Sip serenity with a powerful adaptogen and botanical blend designed to help in adapting the mind and body to stress.
  • Sparkling kombucha black tea blend helps balance your body naturally.
  • Adaptogens help fight fatigue and improve mental clarity. }
  • Made from 100% recyclable glass bottles with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.
  • Cleanse-Day approved

Ageless Actives

Ionix supreme

A daily supplement containing Vitamin D3, coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) and resveratrol to help reduce the signs of ageing from the inside out.


Help Absorb More Nutrients – Supplementing CoQ10, resveratol and vitamin D3 helps your body absob the nutrients it might not get from food alone. 

Assist with Healthy Ageing – Contrains an effective dose of the active form of vitamin D3 to support bone, immune and heart health. 



    A powerful formula of complex botanicals and vitamins designed to aid the reduction oxidative stress and support healthy ageing with antioxidant support.

    • Softgel capsule improves nutrient absorption for better delivery to cells
    • Contains four types of antioxidants to help neutralise free radicals

    Healthy Ageing – IsaGenesis is uniquely designed to offer telomere support with powerful healthy-ageing benefits such as vitality, vital organ support and immune system support. 

    Antioxidant Defence Systems – Contains four types of antioxidants which help neutralise free radicals and curcumin to promote anti-inflammatory activity. 

      30 Day Weight Loss System

      Weight Loss System

      Designed to kick-start your weight loss and, as a long-term, flexible program, help you achieve and maintain lasting results. You’ll likely notice savings on your grocery bill as you replace unhealthy cravings with premium nutrition.

      What’s included:

      • 4 x IsaLean Shake
      • 2 Cleans for Life
      • 1 Ionix Supreme
      • 1 Natural Accelerator 
      • 1 IsaFlush
      • 1 Isagenix Snacks 

      Back to Basics - 6 Weeks Online Program with Bec Kurtz

      A Simple Health and Wellness Program that helps you:

      • Increase Energy
      • Increase Strength and Balance
      • Feel Vibrant & Confident
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