Ageing is a choice

Digital Skin Analysis (Visia)

This digital skin analysis system is a diagnostic tool which helps our clinicians look at all the variables in your skin that contribute to overall ageing. 
The Visia System is a sophisticated camera that takes both visible light, polarized light and ultraviolet photographs. The images are then processed by a computer that contains a database of 10,000 people.

After taking a series of images, the highly detailed system analyses each skin category - spots, wrinkles, pores, porphyrins (bacteria), evenness and UV spots / Sun Damage. This way we can focus your treatment on the area of concern. The analysis will also be compared against 100 other people of your sex, age and skin type.
This information gives you an accurate gauge of the health of your skin, which is interpreted by those around you as a reflection of your health and vitality.

Having a Visia Skin Analysis is a great way to begin a rational skin care program. While the system is not available everywhere, there is no other device that even comes close to providing the same or similar information. I would strongly recommend you take advantage of this complimentary treatment. This technology allows us to form a medical base line of your skin condition before you begin your unique journey with us at Age Amazingly Medi-Clinic.